Unlocking the Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money on TikTok

TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of active users. In addition to being an entertaining platform, it also offers great potential for those looking to make money. If you’re a beginner and want to tap into this potential, this guide will help you get started on monetizing your TikTok presence.

Creating Engaging Content

The first step towards making money on TikTok is to build a strong following by creating engaging content. TikTok thrives on short, creative videos that grab the viewer’s attention. Find your niche and create content that is unique, entertaining, and relatable. It could be anything from dance routines, lip-syncing to popular songs, comedic skits, or educational content.

Remember to use trending hashtags and participate in challenges to increase your visibility. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and collaborating with other TikTokers. Building a loyal and engaged following is essential to unlock the earning potential on TikTok.

Join the TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok recently launched the TikTok Creator Fund, which allows eligible creators to earn money from their videos. To join, you need to meet certain criteria, including having at least 10,000 followers, 10,000 video views in the last 30 days, and being at least 18 years old. Once accepted, you will be eligible to receive a share of the fund based on your video views.

Partner with Brands and Sponsors

As your following grows, brands and sponsors may reach out to collaborate with you. Influencer marketing is a popular way for companies to promote their products or services, and TikTok is no exception. You can partner with brands by creating sponsored posts or participating in branded challenges.

Make sure to only collaborate with brands that align with your values and the interests of your audience. Authenticity is key in building trust with your followers, so choose partnerships that are genuine and resonate with your content.

Live Streaming and Virtual Gifts

TikTok offers a feature called “Live Streaming” where you can connect with your followers in real-time. During your live streams, viewers have the option to send you virtual gifts, which can be converted into real money. Popular TikTokers often go live to engage with their audience, answer questions, or even showcase their talents.

Affiliate Marketing and Merchandise

Another way to monetize your TikTok presence is through affiliate marketing and selling merchandise. Choose products or services that are relevant to your niche and recommend them to your audience with unique discount codes or affiliate links. When your followers make a purchase using your code or link, you earn a commission.

Additionally, you can create and sell your own merchandise, such as t-shirts, phone cases, or personalized merchandise inspired by your TikTok brand. Many TikTokers have successfully launched their own merchandise lines, leveraging their popularity on the platform.


Unlocking the potential to make money on TikTok requires dedication, creativity, and authenticity. By building a strong following, participating in the TikTok Creator Fund, partnering with brands, utilizing live streaming, and exploring affiliate marketing and merchandise, you can turn your passion for TikTok into a source of income. Remember to stay consistent, keep up with the trends, and most importantly, have fun while creating content that resonates with your audience.


1. How many followers do I need to start making money on TikTok?

While there is no specific number, having at least 10,000 followers is a good starting point to unlock monetization opportunities, such as joining the TikTok Creator Fund.

2. Can I collaborate with brands if I have a smaller following?

Yes, you can still collaborate with smaller brands or local businesses that align with your niche and have a target audience that matches your followers.

3. How do I find brands to collaborate with?

You can start by reaching out to brands directly via email or DM on social media. Alternatively, you can sign up on influencer marketing platforms that connect brands and creators.

4. Can I make money on TikTok even if I don’t meet the criteria to join the TikTok Creator Fund?

Absolutely! The TikTok Creator Fund is just one option. You can still explore other avenues, such as brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, or selling merchandise to monetize your TikTok presence.

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